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There are two types of automatic car wash systems, brush systems and touchfree. Both of these systems are available as rollover or tunnel style.

The brush systems use specially designed materials which roll across the vehicle to assist in the cleaning process. The soft chamois like, non-porous material, will not retain any harmful dirt particles and will enhance the gloss and shine, due to its soft fibre characteristics and spinning-buffing motion.

The touchfree systems rely on high pressure jets of water and chemical interaction to clean the car, so that there is no physical contact by the wash equipment with the vehicleduring the cleaning process. Cleaning features include an independent pre-soak system, onboard rocker panel blasters and oscillating high pressure nozzles. 


Self-service car washes have a number of open ended wash bays and a closed equipment room. Each bay has a high-pressure wash wand and a foaming brush, plus a bay controller that incorporates a coin acceptor (for coins and/or tokens), a wash function selector, and a count-down timer display.

The customers manually wash the vehicle themselves in the bay. The chemicals are sprayed onto the vehicle through a nozzle with a fine spray arc and then the soft hogs hair brushes are used with foam to clean away the dirt. High pressure rinsing, waxing and a final gentle spot free rinse complete the process.


Commonly known as car wash cafes, this is the luxury end of the market, where the customers leave their cars to be washed and vacuumed for them, while they go shopping, or sit in a café area and enjoy a cup of coffee. Services can include hand wash, exterior chamois finish, interior and windows clean, full vacuum, air freshener, tyre black and sealer wax.

The systems may use up-market conveyerised and automated processes with detailed hand finishing, or they may be simple semi-automated “bucket and hose” operations of the kind often found in shopping centre car parks.


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